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"Working with Linda has helped me gain knowledge about improving my job search, interviewing and networking skills as well as my LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter and salary negotiation. She is a pleasure to work with, as she is tremendously patient and encouraging. I recommend Linda for anyone looking to upgrade their skills in any of the fields mentioned above. Thank you for everything, Linda!"

Rachel Pangilinan | UX Designer
Flow Journal App

"Linda provided an amazing coaching session and helped me freshen up my resume. I feel more confident that my resume will stand out from the crowd. She is extremely pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. She provided a strategy on organizing and highlighting key points on my resume to catch the reviewers attention. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to up their resume or prepping for interviews!"

Harish Karunakaran | MES Analyst 
Resolute Workforce Solutions - Sanofi Pasteur Ltd.

"Linda has helped me so much during my hard times trying to find the right job in my field of interest. We have spoken many times, and every encounter with her has been a pleasant one. She has truly helped me with strategies on how to target the resume and cover letter for each job and interview tips. In addition, she assisted in improving my LinkedIn profile to attract more views and attention from employers. Linda is very resourceful and friendly, and leaves every conversation with a word of encouragement and motivation. By far, the best career coach I have ever worked with with abundance of knowledge in her field!"


Shaumitha Arulkannan | Medical Administrator 
Toronto Eye Specialists and Surgeons

"Linda, is an amazing career coach. I got to know about Linda through a co-worker and it was honestly the best decision I have made towards my dream career within law enforcement. We were able to go through various cover letters and resume and together were able to how to make a cover letter and resume better in a way which interests the employer. Linda has an amazing sense of knowledge about how to critique and interest the employer and make sure you achieve your dream career. I would recommend her career and mentoring services to anyone for any field of work. She is the best mentor I have had and I hope to work with Linda Again!"

Sandeep Singh | Law Enforcement


"Linda is a seasoned HR professional that brings real world experiences to help her clients prepare for today's evolving and complex job market. Thank you Linda for all your sound advice and genuine interest to help others - from navigating job opportunities, to the interview process and right till the very end of negotiation and final offer agreement and terms."

Pavatha Puvaneswaran | Senior Policy Advisor
Ontario Public Service

"Linda has made job hunting easier, and I have definitely learned a lot more on the application processes and how to update my resume and cover letter properly. I definitely recommend her if you're trying to find a new position."

Mathushan Geethaparan | Project Engineer
Pro-Bel Enteprises Ltd.

"Linda was great to let you know the tips and tricks of LinkedIn. They were a lot of features that I previously ignored and she pointed out how to fill them out and the importance of doing so. It was also great to hear from someone who was in the HR position to let you know what recruiters are looking for and how to evaluate whether your cover letter and resume can even get through the initial screens. She was able to answer all my questions and was a delight with work with. Thanks Linda!"

Brigid Gillis.jpg

Brigid Gillis | Process Safety Investigation Specialist
Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc.

"I wanted to change career paths and Linda helped me narrow it down by identifying my interests and skills to help me transition from the hospitality to sales industry. She emphasized the importance of tailoring my resume and cover letter. In addition, she also created a LinkedIn account and fully optimized it for me. Finally, she went in detail by conducting several mock interviews. She came up with a list of current and complex questions to challenge me. I highly recommend Linda's career coaching service to anyone who is serious about taking control of their career. She went over above expectations."

Denesh Navaratnam | Sales Publisher
Best Version Media

Sinthu Nadarajah.jfif

"I came to Linda for guidance and support on a conversation with my manager that I should’ve had years ago. I’ve proven to my employer for the last decade my loyalty, dedication and acquired skills, however, I wasn’t sure how to approach my manager about a promotion. It was when I reached out to Linda through her power hour session where she empowered me to step up my game and implement her framework to strategically approach this tough situation with my manager. I was impressed with her ability to help me overcome my fear and address my concerns. As a result, I did I receive a promotion thanks to Linda’s customized plan of action. I never imagined myself having this conversation. Linda has instilled confidence in me and we collaborated on an approach where I felt comfortable to execute. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling to navigate through similar situations with their employer, to reach out to Linda first. She will not disappoint."

Sinthuja Nadarajah | Payroll Analyst 

"Linda is an excellent Career Coach, I had the pleasure of working with Linda at various stages of my career, and she is a very good listener with great advice on how to communicate and market yourself. She has a wealth of knowledge from her career in HR and Recruiting, and I would recommend here Career and Mentoring services. If you are looking for help with your job search, resume, cover letter, interviewing, updating your LinkedIn profile and Marketing your unique brand, she is the right person to help."

Dan Abernethy | Lead Inventory and Demand Planner
Array Marketing

"If you're considering getting professional help to improve your career and job search: book Linda. Now. She's attentive, professional and so understanding. She had the patience to teach me about a new job market, and I believe our time together will help me have a smooth transition into my new career path. I wish I had found her content and services sooner!"

Maria Olivo | Information Content and Designer

Maria Olivo.jpeg

"Linda helped me revamp my resume and cover letter and also my LinkedIn profile. With her knowledge and expertise she showed me how to use LinkedIn seeing all the benefits and features I never knew how to use before. I would recommend Linda to everyone who is looking to update their resume or needs coaching support for confidence in finding that next job."

Jagjit Soora | Master Technician
ZF Nottingham

Quinn McCutcheon.jfif

"Working with Linda is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made for myself and for my career. I wish I had started working with her YEARS ago! The tools she has taught me has instilled confidence in my approach to resume building, job searching and interviewing. She has been so patient, kind and generous with her time and knowledge. She makes overwhelming tasks somehow seem bite sized and sets her clients up for success.This experience has been more transformative than I could have hoped for. I have recommended her to all of my family and friends who are in need of career guidance. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Linda and I will not hesitate to book more sessions in the future."

Quinn McCutcheon | Associate Producer

"I got to know Linda recently when I approached her to help me with my resume and cover letter. She assisted with resume targeting by providing strategies and tips to improve wordings on the resume and cover letter. She is extremely friendly and always willing to help in many ways. Linda also assisted me in preparing for my interview, by role playing and providing useful tactics to improve tone and confidence. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to target their resume and cover letter which is key in landing an interview."

Pirasanna Srinivasan | Server and Storage Analyst 
Durham District School Board

"Working with Linda is the best career decision I made in 2022! I wanted to switch career paths and was having difficulties narrowing down an industry that aligned with my interests, passion, experience and skill set. Linda helped me identify my transferable skills and narrow down the industries where my key experiences would help me stand out. She also helped me revamp and optimise my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to align with my new chosen career path. I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to land their dream jobs this year!"

Chioma Ikeh_edited.jpg

Chioma Ikeh | Social Media Marketing & Digital Content Strategist

"Linda provided me with great advice around having growth conversations at work. Her advice and guidance truly showed her experience in the industry. I strongly encourage other young professionals to reach out to Linda to seek advice/preparation around how to have these conversations."

Shangavy | Senior Communication Designer

Vinoba Kumar.jfif

"Linda is a fantastic career coach who goes the extra mile to look into tiny details that will help elevate your application for any organization. She helped me review my resume and highlighted things I would have not considered otherwise. The recommended changes were very useful and helpful in creating a polished resume. I highly recommend Linda for anyone looking to update your resume or cover letter or to even guide you on job application techniques and tricks of the trade."

Vinoba Kumar | Sr. Marketing, Brand, & Advertising Professional

"Linda was great to work with. I loved her organizational and strategic approach to revamping my resume. She is very insightful in the HR world, and brings a lot of sound advice to each and every session. I would highly recommend Linda to my friends and family."

Priya Thava | Loss Prevention Agent
TD Canada

"I worked with Linda on my resume. She was able to give me advice that I had not thought of before. I've been using the same template since undergrad and Linda helped me take a different look at it considering I have been been working for 13 years. She reminded me how important it is to structure my resume that not only shows my current responsibilities at work but my accomplishments. I highly recommend any to work with Linda."

Jennifer Rajpura| Assistant Vice President


"Linda is an outstanding coach. Currently, I have several passion projects about content creation. She shared recommended strategies to increase my connections in my network via video streaming and blogging. She shared a lengthy list of detailed questions to enhance my niche. I need to iterate and do specific research to help with my mission. I highly recommend her as a coach!"

Vincent Ng | Senior QA Engineer & Content Creator

Kayan Choi.jfif

"Working with Linda had been such a blessing! I am so glad that we connected :) She coached me through on how to prep for my annual performance review at my job and gave me the confidence to go into my meeting with my bosses to be completely candid about my own future career goals and the kind of work I’d like to be doing moving forward. At the end of my meeting, I got a promotion and I successfully negotiated a higher salary. She’s so patient and provided extremely helpful tips that I will always remember to use in the future. I highly recommend Linda to anyone who is looking for help on how to effective communicate with your managers and negotiate during a performance review."

Kayan Choi | Senior Producer
Outsider Editorial


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